I write these words sitting in the Boston airport, on my way from a trip to Dallas.

An update – I’ve been working on something insanely special for a few months and the first reveal is going to be at Matsuricon next weekend. I hemmed about how it was going to roll, since I technically think you guys should probably know things before, or at least at the same time, as when I do reveals at cons. Not ALL of you should be penalized for not being where I am on one specific weekend.

So – next Sunday – I’ll be putting up all of the same information I am revealing at Matsuri.

I know I’ve been vague about ‘how busy I’ve been’ and ‘cool secrets’ – and part of me loves doing that because I love that I will have something awesome to show you in the near future.. but I KNOW its totally bitchy and if you do it too much it loses oompf.

So – yeah – next weekend is a big deal for me, no b.s. – and you guys will have a front row seat for everything.. I promise.