Ok – the good news is, here’s Sunday’s new page!
Ok – the bad news is, you are getting it at 9pm due to me being a dummy and not uploading it.

That does mean that I get to say thank you to Matsuricon for having myself and my lovely Madison’y wifey person. You guys were, and I say this with no disrespect to women, the tits.

I met so many supercool people who were not only completely enamored by The Dotwich Horror (IF YOU DIDN’T GET YOUR COPY, I DON’T HAVE YOUR ADDRESS! ..OR YOU LIVE IN GERMANY (BUT IT WAS MAILED))

There were people that were outright looking FORWARD to it. How cool is that!?!

To the new friends, welcome – to the old friends, thanks. I really have a huge list of names to thank on.. and I’m not sure if I should here or on Facebook or where ever. Ugh.

So – one last thing, and I could probably wait to be all secretive and wait til Weds, but I won’t. I’ve made a few mistakes in my career as a comic writer and an online satirist. Most of them involve starting new projects and stopping them. (Rorschach, Shitflix.. I’m looking at you two for good example)

I’m planning on fixing that. I’m working on a new website, and hopefully in a week or two I’ll reveal it to you guys and we’ll be able to revel in the idea of seeing a lot more of me in online text. As well as comics. As well as histories. As well as movie reviews, flash fiction, rants, and more…

It’s time to get serious about being awesome.

I love you all,