Ok – your regular Dotwich update:
– I AM MISSING A COUPLE ADDRESSES – Some of you intelligently used unique email addresses that you probably don’t check often. Please email me so I can make sure you get your book and I don’t get hate mail in a month.

– I should be picking up the books today, and throwing them in the mail hours later.

Now for other promotional items:
1) My good friends the Townsends are doing a Kickstarter for their book. If you haven’t read Otaku-no-Yen then you should.. and then you should go and support their MEGA KICKSTARTER. They have a long way to go, so give them a little love.

2) Former colleague over at Inside Pulse, Mr. Lucard’s rabbit is up to win some prizes over on Facebook.. so you can go vote for Mr. Chewie Bitums HERE! My thought is if you can’t use your social media power to get votes for a rabbit to get a gift basket… why bother having a comic at all.. RIGHT!??!

Ok, that’s all I got – next comic will be while I’m at Matsuricon – looking forward to seeing all my Ohio peoples!