And this marks the end of another tale in the IHL-U’overse. So let’s discuss.

Le Bebe was an attempt to give Baron a story of his own – obviously. I think the story definitely has some flaws, and I’m not afraid to admit that, although I like the story. Part of the problem is an entire storyline based in characters that don’t speak perfect english (or my version) makes it a bit of a harder read. It would be like trying to do an entire story based on 1nt3rn3t and his family. That’s not to say its not possible, but if I was to do a slangy episode of IHL-U again, I’d rethink how the story could be more intelligible. Not to mention, its also fairly hard to write to hit comedy beats when you want to make jokes in french… and don’t know french.

Anyway – I love that I got to increase the Baron family, as there are some great characters in Voodoo, but I don’t think this story is going to go down in the top ten. That’s ok. What did you think guys?

Next Weds, get ready for another adventure in another mythology. Whee!