He’s been promising to take his slice of the comic for a few stories now – and having Po … sllliiide down a panel sounded like a really fun way to introduce a comic. Poor lil guy – he’ll get his story one day.

I didn’t have time to get it all set-up – but I think next week I’ll do a PROMOTION drive of this strip. I’ll put more details next week about it, but that means that you guys will get free desktops for sharing today’s page. I mean, you can do it now if you want – but I can’t promise the power and magic of free desktops. If you wait til Weds, I’ll have my first consignment desktop (Mr. Bill Stagg’s) from the big ol’ Dotwich Horror special pack. He got it a few weeks ago and soon it will be all of yours.

Ok kids! Hope you dug today’s page.. it made me giggle.