This page…

So I wanted to do something different here, but pacing didn’t fit. It needed to be right. Trust me, it’s the first half of the next page. I know, same shadow motif.. but I’m sure you get why.

Again, Daedalus writes his own story. I just follow along and narrate.

I’m thinking that as I’m finishing this story up, I’ll be going through and cleaning it up.. and by ‘this story’ I mean all three. The ‘Special Edition’ version, which I’m trying to figure out how I distribute will have some changes. Not the plot. Not the tale.. but certain framing devices and trying to have a uniform voice throughout. The curse of doing a comic the way I do it is that I don’t have the ability to edit. Ask a gazillion webcomickers and many of them will tell you the same thing. (Aside from those crazy ones that have buffers enough to edit so far back)

So yeah – would you want a PDF for your ereader? I’ve never done it, but I’d consider it. A physical book, which is almost a guarantee anyway? What are your thoughts?

– J