So I sat over that last panel for a while. I wanted the punch to hurt.

I wanted the art to sum up how important what she was saying was… and I tried different arrangements, but realized that the only perfect way to do it was to reflect what I did in the prior page.

There’s some tale of the tape there. The reason that panel is so simplistic is because it was the only one that fit. I tried this and went ‘NO CRAP! REALLY?!?!’ and that was that.

So in other news – I wanted to thank all of you that helped along with the Fear Project. My time with it has come to an end with me getting to #4 – jussst before I would get a medal at the Olympics. Those that commented and helped me along, I owe you tons in gratitude. BUT! A rolling stone gathers tons of hits, so instead of wallowing too long in self-pity, I started writing. I’m not saying much about what or who or why.. just know that since Friday, my first day free of the sexy shackles of the contest.. I’ve written around 7500 words. That’s not a small number.

Keep an eye out for further cool mysterious news!