So – Odin – whatcha think?
I promised that I would post my Sugoi photos, so here we go! You’ll understand why in a second…

This is the Newark Airport… It is just oddly suggestive, so I snapped a shot.

Friend and fan Jamie requested a Dot Jack Harkness.. so here he is in all of his Dot’Ter Who Glory!

I didn’t get a LOT of shots of cosplay, but I did snap a few.. like this Chell!

And this Harley!

Followed by Mister and Missus Pool.
So.. Bill is one of IHL’s biggest fans.. why? Because of the next four shots. The first two are from one day at Sugoi, and the other two are from a second day. Have YOU dressed up like TWO different versions of Zeke yet? I doubt it.

And this is the end.. closing ceremonies from the stage. Thanks for everything Sugoi!!