First off – I’m really happy that the response to the Weds announcement was positive. A lot of you said that I shouldn’t be concerned, it’s my comic, etc. And whereas those things are true, I can’t deny that this is my comic as a creative endeavor, but if the fallout would be to lose fans over it – I might have to rethink that I’m doing something wrong.

Silly, a smidge pandering, but honest. I’m glad you guys seem as excited as I am.

A question that has appeared MORE than once in the last month or two is whether, since IHL will be taking a week or so hiatus – will I still be doing the Advent Calendar this year. The answer is – OH HELLS YES! I love the IHL Advent Calendar.. it has really become my little tradition, and it won’t stop whether or not the comic is currently being updated.

Lastly – I think I’m going to start up a couple incentive programs to try and get the comic spread out a bit more. I’ve done it with the Desktops – but I think that after the initial phase, I’ll start doing what I see a lot of other comics do and that is give you the desktops as a donation.. or some as a donation and some for Social Media’ing the comic.. things like that.

I’m always up for ideas – lay em on me.