969 – today’s comic is a palindrome.

Hey all – do me a favor and support The WhatNow Podcast & Blog. They did a lil interview with lil ol me, and its up at that link. Thanks Jessica, you rockzor my megazord or something…

So onto the dire news of direness… today I spent a few hours with a friend and a Mac Book Pro. We lifted all of our shields, held back the ancient Az’ka’don Demon that had been protecting my apartment from Mac’s entering… Anyway, so my friend Denny lent me his MacBook and we tried to load up some of the original files from what is going to be Book 3. Nope, they are somehow trashed. Don’t know how or why, but they were created on a Mac, transferred a few times by flash stick, and now they don’t work. Ugh.

So, I’m still shooting to have Book 3 out by Sugoicon, but things have gotten a little harder, as any comic that doesn’t work (and it isn’t all of them, I just don’t know if it is MOST of them) has to be, literally, remade. With me, that’s easier than say with someone doing traditional pen and pencil – but it still is a royal pain in the ass. Ugh.

To work.. or TF2.. one of those.