I’m up too late. Why?


I’ve had a couple offers from folks, and I think I’m getting ready to just bite the bullet.

I’ll explain the problem so maybe someone more savvy can help – if you have NO interest in the rantings of a PC user with a MAC problem, I’ll see ya Weds… Otherwise, I ask you to please, if you are the type that tries to help, read what I’ve done so I don’t have to say ‘Tried it’ over and over.. and I apologize for the snippiness, but this was supposed to be a relaxing evening to myself when I decided dumbly to try and work on Book 3 again.

Here’s the situation. I did all of the strips from Book 3 on a Mac. Trying to get old Mac Illustrator files to work on current versions of PC Illustrator is like trying to make a baby do calculus.. it just don’t work.. dumbly, you can SEE previews of them, but they won’t open in: Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Elements, Word, Powerpoint, GiMP, Paint, or going into the files as pure text and manually altering them.

The ONLY way it seems I’m going to get this done is by finding a Mac and converting them all to EPS… then doing the edit work on the EPS files.

So I’m giving up and going to go play Terraria or Minecraft or Solitaire..