Because nobody requested it… actually, someone did… I have altered and fixed the social media buttons of the website. You can now Twit this, Facebook it, Share it on your Kaboodle! As a note, it is utterly amusing to go through the list of ‘SHARE’ options that are available. I invite my readers to submit IHL to the most idiotic places possible. There is a spot there for ‘INVESTOR LINKS’ …I don’t know what it is either…

BUT! The important part of all this – as the first part was there in just a different form – is now at the end of this post (Sorry it is at the end.. they’re still a bit persnickity, these new fangled medias) – at the end is a GOOGLE PLUS BUTTON! That’s right, now you can not only FaceTwitSpaceInvestorLink your ASS off…. but you can also GoogPlus this mofo.

I also would like to note that a decade ago, that sentence would have made NO sense….

PS – If you do get a hankering for submitting IHL to unnecssary locales.. please leave a comment and tell me where so I can.. uhm… whatever it is you do to a Kaboodle link.