I did this strip just in case people didn’t get the bit. I don’t try and over explain myself often, even when I do a time leaping storyline that might or might not have a huge gaping plothole or two. I’m not saying I’ve ever done that. I haven’t. I’m perfect.

I am saying though that JUSSSST in case the nuance was lost, I wanted it clear.. especially if in my elder years, I look back at what I created and go ‘WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN!?’

I’m just trying to be nice to future elder Jamie.

As I hope you’ve noticed – I have updated the timeline on the right as well as a more gratuitously obvious link to my new baby Alt-History. FYI – I really think my writing on IHL has been better since I started doing Alt-History.. just wearing out this whole writey muscle. (And now I know I’m going to get lurid messages from my dirty thinking female fans (and sadly, more lurid messages from dirty thinking male fans.. weirdos))

Anyway – the main point is – I’m working with SugoiCon right now to have a special IN HIS LIKENESS SPOTLIGHT panel. First time ever I’ve ever requested an utterly egotistical panel – but with good reason. I’ll also be making a very big IHL announcement and revealing stuff I haven’t revealed before… it will hopefully be as amazing as I want it to be. You should go and be there.