Ok – so I’m back from Matsuricon – and I hope that some of you reading this are new fans from Ohio.

I’m going to tell you guys – that 7 or so years ago, I went to Ohio for the Mid-Ohio ComicCon. I’m sure there is a blog or LJ post or Friendster update about it somewhere.. this was three internets ago.

Anyway, it was one of the weirdest shows I had done at the time. The special guests were eyebrow raising. It was a comic show pure and simple, and the crowd wanted comics. A lot of the people circulating artist alley were VERY into print books. Superman, Bats, etc. If I remember, myself and Corsetto were the only two webcomics there… if there were others, they elude me.

So after a less than stellar weekend of sales, and having to actually explain how a webcomic was different than a print comic or a newspaper strip comic a few times – I swore I would never go back to Ohio comic shows.

This year, I get invited to Ohio a few times… sci-fi’ish shows and anime shows though. So I gave it a shot, and lo and behold, it has been a great summer!

So my ban on Ohio is over – and I’m sorry I spent so long away from you. Thanks Matsuricon for being amazing.

Next stop, Sugoi!