Ok – So I missed the Christmas update. Do ya blame me? Did you notice? Probably not – it was Christmas.

Anyway, a couple o’ things:
1 – Please take notice of the Donate-o-Tron. I have received more donations than I EVER expected, and just as I promised, that means as many strips as I can handle. From January 15th to February 15th, you will receive at least 15 new comics above and beyond my normal. That’s almost an entire month of IHL. Wish me luck – but you guys deserve it.

I will be continuing a system like this in the future I think – with a monthly incentive desktop (above and beyond the 1 a month I’ve been doing already) and a promise of further extra strips.

I also am going to be doing another guest strip week when I get up to strip 900ish. I’ll be sending out invites to some of my comic colleagues, but if the turn out is just as great as the last time, you really might have more dots to read deep into the spring.

2 – I hope you all had a merry merry and a happy happy, and as New Years is that time of reflection, I will be announcing major things in the weeks to come. Another book. Another project. The future of IHL. All of it is coming – but I’m notorious about getting my cart before my horse, so I want to put everything in place before I get all loudy and stuff.

New Years – The Year of the Dot. =)

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