Hey all –

Ok – so this joke is one of those fallback jokes. Meaning, I have a lot of things I actually say in my common everyday life. One of those things is, whenever hearing a weird word combination, I might utter ‘Hey, I was in a BAND called Epsom Salt Is For Wusses’. There’s no rhyme nor reason to it. None. It just is because of all of the silly band names that I (and I’m sure many of you) have come across in your days – specifically your high school days.

So, if there is a day where I am low on a joke, I might go to the ol’ database of ‘crap I say all the time’. This is one of those times. If any of you are aspiring musicians, and you ever use ‘Poseidon’s Infinite Liver’ as a song, album, or band title – I will happily promote you on this site free of charge, as long as I get some sort of mention in your liner notes and a free copy. (Liner notes were those paper inserts in compactable diskettes (CD’s) or reckords for you iTuner kids out there).

Ok – the wife and I just set up our Christmas tree, and its time to drink some cocoa and play some Lego Harry Potter. Thanks Nikki Y!

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