Sorry guys. It happens once in awhile. There was a time where if I missed a day, I flipped my lid. Life happens sometimes. I should be more buffered to be ready for such things… but I’m not. So I’m sorry.

Onto SugoiCon, which is why I didn’t even get to look online and update the site in any capacity. My thought was, ‘Oh, I’ll miss Friday, but I’ll work on it while I’m at the table Saturday’ … little did I know that some crazy things would transpire. Sugoi is probably my FAVORITE show of the year. Aside from being a guest, the fans and friends that I’ve made are beyond compare. Never has that been more true than this year, where I didn’t sit down for most of the weekend. I sold out of all of my books, and hung out with fans, friends, and fellow guests alike for two straight days. Mine and my lady’s heads were SPINNING.

If I was to list off every person, I would miss someone. So, I’m going to say thank you to Nate, the conchair, for being the driving head of one of the most perfect weekends I’ve had in my convention going career.

Now.. tons of other things happened that I’m sure I’ll talk about over the next week or two. For now though, I’m letting you know that to make it up, my full weeks of comics is coming, and instead of doing a SHARE DAY for the Tron Desktop – I’m just going to give it to everyone as soon as it’s done.

See ya Friday.