Tomorrow I get on an airplane for SugoiCon. I’ve been quiet in the blog for the last week and that is mostly because I have been a busy little bee. Between a couple burlesque gigs, a couple conventiony gigs, work, and doing lots of odds and ends to make the world continue spinning at its furiously fast pace – I’ve just been busy.

You will notice to the right that there is a new POLL feature! That’s right, I’m now going to ask you to think of things for me. When I get back from Sugoi, there are going to be some projects that need to get done including starting on IHL: BOOK 3, redoing the IHL Web Store, and putting together the FAN PAGE where you will be able to get the IHL Desktops and things like that.

For now though, I’ve spent the night making buttons, including one or two new ones. (Somebody requested a Baron Samedi button.. so I might have made sure to make one) It’s time for bed…

Hope to see lots of you in Kentucky!