EDIT – Call off the dogs – He’s been found. You can read about the situation over at http://www.whereischriscoles.com – Thank you all for your concern and emails. =) XO

Hey all – I know I promised you my OTAKON DISCUSSION – but that is going to have to wait until Friday. Sorry.

I need your help. Seriously – like fo realz need your help.

A friend of mine and Debbie’s has gone missing and by the time you are reading this has been missing just over a week. I know you all have busy lives, but I also know I reach from east to west coast and a lot in the middle. So if you can do ANYTHING – please do. Every little bit helps. You don’t have to become the detective on the case, but just RETWEETING our message once might get it to the right person. So I’m going to leave this information here, and hope that some of you fantastic and wonderful fans can help in the ways I know you can.

I love each and every one of you and hope you never have to deal with this. =(

FOR FACEBOOK – This is the central headquarters of people looking for him.

FOR TWITTER – This is the “official” message, but anything will do the job.. just getting the word out:
ALERT: Please help find Chris Coles who has been missing for one week. More info here > http://bit.ly/9A27VS. Pls RT

FOR ALL OTHER PLACES – This is the poster we’ve been posting around. I’m hosting it, feel free to post it where ever you can.

Thank you all again and I appreciate your help in this horrible thing…