I’m back from Otakon… wow.

Ok – first – if I met you there – saw you there – you saw Cosplay Burlesque perform on Satuday night. Thank you. We packed an Otakon show room. That means that somewhere between 1700 – 2000 people came and saw me host while a dozen fantastic performers bared it all for your amusement.

If you were one of the 300 or so that got TURNED AWAY because the room was too packed.. I’m so sorry. Please let Otakon know that you were upset you missed our show. We’re upset you missed it, too. Promise.

I got to see the Caf-fiends, and the Super Art Fighters, and Hello With Cheese, The System, Devils Panties, and NERD Comics, and A Girl And Her Fed. It was SO NICE! I miss my webcomic friends. Most of all, you scarecrow…

Lastly, but mostly, I want to thank you guys that ARE fans of IHL that came out to support Cosplay Burlesque. It makes me feel good that I have made some fans out there who not only dig my comic, but want to support whatever endeavors I might be attempting. I can’t tell you how cool you are.

So how was the con… have I told you my feelings on Otakon? I might have.. if not I’ll tell ya on Wednesday. I will let you know now… *whispers* not good.

See ya kids,