Hey all – time to address some things mentioned in earlier comments:

Misty & Beadle – yeah, I screwed the pooch on the Lady Gaga joke.. Pokerface was a much better punchline.

Soak: Pittsburgh is up in the air based on some probs I’m having that will be detailed in a moment.

Bizy: I answer you vaguely. Yes.

So – that having been said – I’m doing my best to get a printing of books done before the next month or two of shows, but lemme tell ya… it ain’t easy printing books. I’d whine bout the details, but I’m fairly certain you guys don’t want to hear about the everloving cost of printing books. I mean, ever notice that webcomics folks are all like ‘Hey, we just got a new shipment of books’! You are all like, ‘YAY BOOKS!’ and then you buy them and the web creator recoups the cost.

I want to be one of them. How the hell do they do that?! What, they have WELL PAYING jobs? They have LONG TERM SOURCES OF INCOME? They…. SAVE? Madness I tell you.. Madness.

Ah well, looks like it’s Ramen sammiches for me til this is all done.

Much love,