I really have to stop commenting how close you guys get to what’s going on. Not only do you kind of guess where I’m going with things, you even kind of guess the title of the story arc (I name them in my head..). Eh, that’s ok, keep pontificating away, I just have to do my best to not let it totally gear where I’m going. (Infinite Chris’s is brilliant as a comic book pun, as a note).

Look at me being all on time again with scheduling. Seems my draughting has tapered off.. now I just need to get one or two in the buffer and I’ll be a real comic boy again!

Oh! Haven’t added it to the right as I don’t have full confirmation yet, but I should be adding two shows to the my list of shows shortly. One will be in Springfield, NJ in May – and the other in Mid-Pennsylvania in March.

Do I want to go out and see the country, taking my dots with me – yes. The minute I have the money to make it out there.. I’ll be there, so please keep talking to your favorite con’s guest relations folks, as I can’t do it all on my own.

Love you guys, and thanks for the unending support,