OK – So – trying another thing:

Facebook IHL Page! If you have a Facebook page and want to become a fan of IHL, there it is for you. I’m not entirely sure what to do with the Facebook thing. I mean, I know what it does, and why it’s there and all that happiness. I just am not entirely sure now that the Facebook thingy is up… what to do with it. I mean… it just sits there.. collecting fans. Is it just another piece of ego boosting mindless drivel? Eh. I put Learan (My darlin sister) in charge of the entire affair, so maybe she’ll teach me what all these kids are doing with their bookfaces.

And to soak1313 who said ‘Devil Clone Saga’ – you are HALF right. That’s all I’m sayin.

Also, I had a couple hits the other day from a ‘BAD WEBCOMIC’ forum. The poster actually went out of his way to make a note about how I discussed in my ‘Readership Drive’ post how I asked you all to SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE for me as a negative thing? Let me state of the record that I will continually ask fans and friends alike to shamelessly promote me whenever they can! If you like the product, you do it just by telling people about it. If you want to support it a little more, you put the link on your blog, or join the new facebook page. It’s part of the game. I’m just honest enough to say it. It’s part of my used car dealer charm.

Ah well, as with every time I’ve been linked negatively.. the hits rise up a bit, and I always gain a couple new fans. Hey, I’m not a huge fan of Penny Arcade and those guys make more money doing webcomics than every webcomic creator I know combined – so to each their own.