So last night, I got to hang out with people I haven’t seen in a DOGS AGE… Bree from Sex Drugs & June Cleaver, The System’s own Rosscott, Aimee from Glass Urchin and met a couple new folks, most notably Caldwell from who having spent the last hour or so reading through his work – he definitely is on my list of people to check out.

Now as you, my long time and lovable readers know, It hit a couple rough patches in the last year, and even the folks at the table last night asked ‘So, Hatton where’s you disappear to!?’ and I have no idea how to answer that. I haven’t died. MY email still works. The comic still updates. It seems that since I disappeared from a couple of the more social networky type things.. I have fallen off the proverbial grid. So, with every week or two, I’m trying to set myself new goals. Last week I almost succeeded at MORE comics. I think next week I’m going to try and RECONNECT with my webcomic brethren and sisthren. Any ideas?

Til Sunday,