Two things about micro-story:
1 – Just because Devil can look like a red dot DOES NOT mean he was the red dot from when they went to Japan. it’s just coincidence.
2 – I think I could have done another two strips of just Baron taking off hats to reveal other ones. I have to move towards the end though. Ah well, maybe another day.

That having been said – it’s time to announce – IN HIS LIKENESS GOES PROFESSIONAL’ER!

Basically, this past year has been a rough one creatively for me, where the year before was a rough one in almost every other aspect ever. I recognized that Sugoicon was the end of my convention year (a light convention year at that) and I knew that it would blow my doors off. It did just what I needed it to do. I know you guys support IHL and me and all my merriness. I needed to see fans, and friends, and colleagues. I needed to be engulfed by the things that make me love doing the OTHER aspects of IHL. The panels and the conventions and stuff.

So I did – and it was grand.

So instead of me going and coming back with ideas for books and TPBs and all of these fantastic things that make a good webcomic turn into a possible financial stream – I came back with something better. A plan. With the plan, I’ll hopefully be able to take the creative drought of the last year and move into a more professional stage in my life when it comes to IHL. Of course nothing will change if all you do is read IHL and enjoy it. What will be changing is EVERYTHING ELSE. Starting with some small projects like the weird problem of the site loading slow occasionally due to some bad code at the bottom. Next is some production issues I need to fix (such as the new button maker I just bought!). Then the IHL Store which is… less than superb.

Altogether, these goals are huge, but the biggest part of the plan is to do them all in small bite size chunks so I don’t overwhelm myself – which I’m prone to doing.

Thanks for listening, see ya Sunday… or Monday.. remember, bite size fixes.