Sorry for the Friday lateness… getting ready for my move and my burlesque show this Sunday.

In a related note to last strip… two things actually:
1 – I kinda didn’t realize Brad and Angelina didn’t have kids together. I thought they adopted little foreign babies… I’m not sure how to fix that… I might just leave it as a mistake. It got a lulz so, I think it might be fine. Plus, I hate going back and changing strips.

2 – In reference to my discussion about EL-KABONG. This strip features another sound I enjoy. Anytime I’m playing a boardgame and a character (preferably more) needs to move across the board, I tend to make that very noise. HUP HUP HUP HUP HUP. Try it next time you are playing a board game with friends… Axis and Allies, Risk, Warhammer, even Chess works… hell, now it works even better with all your lil knights bouncing around looking like Horsemen.

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