Time for a little story.

I love IHL. Hell, it’s ingrained into me at this point. It’s part of me. As many of you know, it’s been a rough year for me – most of it financial. I’m powering through it, and hell.. maybe there are some lights on the horizon. We’ll see. Anyway – I’ve always had IHL there as an anchor – and as far as I’m concerned I always will.

I traveled to Connecticon this past weekend in the Hartford Convention Center – and where I love Sugoicon & Nebraskon & all my westernly friends – it was so nice to sit with Dern & Kendra of DernWerks, Nick, Marty, and Mike of Art Fight High School & Super Art Fight, and Ross of The System, and Ash of Phoenix Fire. All of them are class acts and made this weekend fantastic. They made me remember why I love doing conventions, and that if I had the ability to spend my life on the road selling my wares, town to town, comic to comic… I would be glad I share space near them.

I also got to see Garth of Finders Keepers and meet Lar from one of my favorite webcomicsLooking for Group & Least I Could Do – and I do hope I get to meet up with him again, as he is one talented and jovial bastard. I found out that Joe Dunn of Joe Loves Crappy Movies is a fan of IHL.. and I sold him a comic of mine a few years ago! Who knew!? Also made new friends in the crew at Crooked Gremlins, Luke of Moon Freight 3, and Alina of Weregeek.

There is one pairing that is NOT mentioned in that above list because they deserve a paragraph unto themselves. Blondie & Kevin of The Caf-Fiends. Not only did they house a whole ton of us, but there couldn’t be a pair of nicer people out there. They rock. Mega rock. Like Whoa. Go and give them a minute of your day today. As a thank you from me.

I got to see fans… bunches of fans! I’m not going to list all by name, because I have a mind like a sieve and if I go and miss one I’ll feel like a dipshit. I hope you know who you are.

Ok – enough patting myself on the back. It’s time to get work done. The Friday update is going to be discussing the future of IHL. It’s not going away. Promise. I do have some plans though, and the possibility of doing some new offline comics and a new collection just became a lot more viable. All of that on Friday though.

Until then – here is a picture of me with Heather, who showed up with her friend Amber all cosplayed up for the show. Amber was in a Raven outfit from Teen Titans fame… Heather was Lucy. That’s right. Lucy. How frigging cool is that.

Thanks again everyone.