Finally, the truth comes out!

Anyway – on the whole debate – I’d like to thank you all for chiming in. I’m glad to hear that some of you recognize (and in turn those that run the site) that there is a certain context that some strips have to be taken into account.

I find it interesting thinking back on it that IHL has evolved since it’s beginning. I’ve done storylines before, but I’ve found that lately, I’ve been working ON storylines as opposed to them sort of happening around the strip. I have such a big cast of characters to play with that tossing them out there for a witty oneliner isn’t altogether a BAD idea, but having them INVOLVED in things seems so much better to me.

As this storyline comes toa clo0se – I’m thankful I’ve gotten this far. I think much like the strip has evolved, I have as a writer because of it.

Love you all,