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I made bookshelves today!

Look, small victories… that’s all I ask for.

So, you guys know what to do right? Monday night, all of you gather around your computers. Head over to RORSCHACHCOMIC.COM and there will be instructions for you. You could also go get yourself an account over at USTREAM.TV if you want, but you aren’t obligated.

I’m not promising anything great… but I think I have a pretty neat idea as to how to do an altogether new webcomic idea. It might suck. It might be awesome. Don’t you want to be there to find out?

Sunday post that was longer than 3 lines. It’s been a productive day.


EDIT – MONDAY: For those who want to come and see my new webcomic Rorschach start from the beginning, click this link!

You have to sign up to chat in the chatroom, but you can lurk for free!