Hey – have I mentioned my new webcomic recently?

Ha! Oh, and if you guys don’t know about Onezumi.Com aka The Stupid And Insane Defenders Against Chaos, I highly recommend checking it out… fun stuff.

Aside from linking for fun and profit, it’s been a shitty week. I’ll talk about it later.

If you know anyone that’s hiring… lemme know.

Oh, and as a note, I discovered something neat the other day. It seems that people on LiveJournal didn’t realize that there is an LJ feed to IHL.. so somebody started a NEW one!?! So now there are TWO feeds going on which is pretty badass. So this is a hello to all you LJ’ers out there that are part of ihl_comic. Much love goes out to ya.

Nite nite time. Have to get up early to go fill out applications…

I’m being obvious, I know. Temp agencies kinda suck that way.