Back from The Comic Geek Speak Supershow! It was lots of fun and I have to say thank you ONCE again to the Comic Geek Speak crew and all of their fans who have shown no ending of classiness when it comes to showing how much they love their work, the podcasting community, their fans, and comics.

I look forward to hanging with them again in the near future. Maybe to talk about my… new project?

I know I mentioned how I was going to be starting the new project tomorrow (Monday) but it’s not in the cards. The new site isn’t entirely ready, and I have to do some more prep work. I will be telling you the whole idea later this week so that you can all set your watches to Monday night at 8pm and head to the proper website.

I thought CGS-SuperShow 08 was going to be the last show on my list, but lo and behold, a new challenger has arrived, and I’ve been invited once again down to Kentucky for SUGOICON! I think I mentioned this already, but it’s a huge new plate of food to put on an already kinda ‘no books left in the stock’ platter… so I’ll be working on that. It’s Halloween weekend and kinda nuts, but I can’t say no. Those guys treated me like King of the Keep last year.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep because Dot knows that conventions end on Sunday, but work starts again on Monday… lame. Don’t they understand that I’m a VERY important person? Lamers.

Much love,