Boys, Girls, Devilettes, Angelettes…

I admit this punchline might be a little too obscure… but it made me giggle and I love strips that test my reader’s knowledge of pop culture.

I’ll be spending the weekend with my friends at COMIC GEEK SPEAK and you all should head up and see their supershow as it’s going to be a fantastic affair. Not to mention I’ll be there with an exclusive limited edition never before seen and never to be seen again IHL print to commemorate the event. (Admittedly, I’ll probably post a small image of it afterwards so you see what you missed, but the clean and perfect beautiful ones are only going to be on sale at this show.)

I’ll be doing more limited prints in the near future. I love doin um honestly.

And I’m sure she’s home now – let me throw out a congratulations to Jaimie – a hardcore fan who just brought home her first lil one. Best to her and her hubby, and I look forward to seeing pictures of your new spawn. =)

Wish me luck at the CGS show. See on Sunday… with hopefully a final update about the new monday comic. (It might wait an extra week… we’ll see)