Wow! So many people commenting on the archive, I guess maybe I should explain a little bit further.

First off, I’m not ditching the archive. No no no no. I very well might do a STORYLINE MODE where you can jump on to various points of storyline. Great suggestion.

My point/question is that I was pondering that when you have a strip as big as PVP or DEVILS PANTIES or GIRL GENIUS – you have a mega-huge archive. It’s unfathomable how many comic strips you end up doing over the course of 4 years (*cough* 515) I think my question is – when does the archive become too unwieldy. When does it get to the point where you look and go “Strip #2340!?!?! Screw this, I’ll go read In His Likeness!” =)

Also to answer other questions – No, I haven’t gotten the tattoo yet. Some financial situations have limited that at the moment, but my hope is to have it done by September. That’s the goal, and of course there will be punch and pie served… if by punch and pie, you assume I mean photos taken and you all get to see me wince at all that black outline.

Finally, there are SO MANY new commenters! Some of you seem new and some of you seem ol’ school, but either way, I’m glad to see you are here. This proves once again that Otakon was great. I’m making a note here.. huge success. Teehee.

Off to go pretend to work,

PS – Go read In The Puddle today… I’m not explaining anymore than that.

PPS – There’s a bit of a news blurb further down.. it’s not IHL related, but it was sent in by a fan – and I swear.. I’m compassionate occasionally.