Holy hell what a week er two it’s been. Connecticon, Tattoo Contest, Otakon… I’m almost through August. Thank Dot.

Let me just say first off, that I got to meet Sarah, the tattoo contest winner Cat’s, sister. That was probably gramatically incorrect. So anyway, I now have amongst my possessions the original drawing so I can get to work on that. My goal is to get that done in September. I would have been able to go sooner, but well.. the brakes went on my car right before Connecticon, so I had to get that handled.

Let me also welcome all the new fans from Otakon! This is your first official new strip that you are seeing. You have a couple hours of reading to get through the archive… and this brings me to this week’s topic of discussion.

Webcomics – do you prefer one that has a HUGE archive (513 strips worth.. for a random pick of a number) so you have something to go back and read through – or do you dislike there being that much history to feel that you have to trudge through?

I also want to say thank you to Christie over at In the Puddle, Jennie at Devil’s Panties, Dern at Dear Pirate, Marty & Nick at Dead of Summer, Dirk Tiede at Paradigm Shift – all of them making Otakon my greatest show to date. They are secondary though to each and every one of you sunzabiches who showed up to tell me that you read the strip. For the first time since I started doing this whole shebang, I’m starting to feel like I’ve made my mark in webcomics. There were SO MANY people that came and just looked down at all the books and wanted the new one.

That is where I feel I’ve let some of you down. I need new stock. I need to finish a new original comic so you congoers have something cool to get from me. Never again will I only have a $2 Meph book. I might have one… but it will be next to something a bit more as well. You guys deserve more dottiness. =)

First though – PiCon in two weeks where I get to meet and do panels with Randy Munroe of XKCD. I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

Now though, naps and juiceboxes.