There it is. The big reveal. The Angelettes have arrived. IHL meet Gabe, Raph, and Zeke. Hope you like em.

Now though, let me go all Sly Stallone… I DID IT!!!!

If you are the type that doesn’t like reading long winded thank you lists, you can sit quietly and just imagine what Sunday is going to be like when the Angels have their first interactions with the IHL Pantheon. If you are the type that wants to see how I got here. Please, keep reading.

In His Likeness wouldn’t have happened without the initial aid of two people. Sadly, both of whom are not a part of my life anymore. It goes without saying that without Danielle O’Brien, IHL wouldn’t exist. Her ability to drive me without knowing, her design savvy, and her unending support helped me get IHL past it’s infancy and beyond. The fact that I got here is as much a testament to me growing as a creator as it is for her helping IHL grow. Thank you, Dani. I wish you every success possible in your life. The second person is Katie-Rose, the designer of the first IHL website. She helped me get out of Keenspace, and without realizing it.. built the basic WordPress model before the WordPress model existed. I hope she’s happy with whatever she’s doing, whereever she is.

Those two people are kind of the unsung heroes of IHL. There are hundreds more. Bill Ellis, who got me so fed up with artists that I had to go and do my own damn comic. Jeffrey Valentino, who has been a best friend and strokes my ego like a sunuvabich. Chris Eberle of Wild Pig Comics, a constant friend and gay rights supporter. Ryan and Dan, the Batman and Robin of my little heart. Finally, Nikki Hatton, my sister, who has been the greatest fan a brother could ask for. Thank you friends.

Now here comes the hard part. Webcomics and ‘Industry’ folk. Ok.. Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, Jennie Breedon of Devil’s Panties, David Gallaher of High Moon, Comic Geek Speak with Comics Now, Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading, Kev & Matt at Big Kev’s Geekstuff, Widro & Matthew Michael at InsidePulse, Ben Morse at Marvel, Cique Johnson of In The Puddle, Darren Gendron of Dear Pirate, Steve at Joy’s Japanimation, Corie of Y.A.C. and Scene Language, Kristy of Noses Optional, Mara of Black As White, Todd and his crew at Killjoy Comics, Nigel DeSade, Jason Yungbluth of Deep Fried, Bryan Prindiville, Eva Hopkins, Acid Poptart, Jay Fife, Jeff Mach, Nate & Jason at SugoiCon, Phil Whedon, Degner, Blair, and I know I’m missing a shitload of people.. I know while I’m at work today and reading this over, I’m going to punch myself in the face because I forgot someone who meant something important to me. If I forgot you. Don’t be upset. I really am a dummy.

Anyway, finally I have to thank every one of the fans. If I was to sit and write out every person I’ve emailed or that has emailed me, or every IM conversation I’ve had with a fan… I’d be here forever. Please, don’t think that just because I didn’t write your name out, that you are any less important to me than those people I listed above. In fact, you are more important. Every single fucking one of you have made me do this thing. When IHL took it’s few strip hiatus, the thing that kept me going. The thing that kept me motivated and upright was that I couldn’t disappoint you. Not doing the strip would do that. IHL has been my anchor, and it’s because I know that you people are out there around the world wanting to know what the Dots are up to that helped me get through some of the toughest times of my life the last few years.

So please raise your glass with me. To old friends who saw this when it was pixelated. To new friends who are just learning about what ‘In Dot We Trust‘ means. To another 500 and another 1000 after that.

I love you all. You make creating be the greatest thing I’ve ever done.
James Hatton