Ok ok ok – that joke is over… geez.. PVP has been doing leaping panda jokes forever and I can’t get away with two neurolizer jokes in a row?


That having been said – I’m very lacking on the long posts these days. Here’s a bullet point list of why:
– Working on a special comic project for this summer.
– Possibly getting a new job
– Getting ready for TOTALLY NORMAL EVENT!
– Arranging to get to Otakon

As a note, I want to thank everyone who said they looked for me at MoCCA and that it has the vibe of a show I would do well at. I’ll definitely do my best to get to the next one. Aside from friends like Corsetto and Box Brown being there the problem I’ve found is that these shows tend to incur a larger cost than “bigger” shows. It’s exceptionally strange to consider, but a comic show like WIZARD WORLD charges this crazy huge fee for a small press guy like myself. Then next in line there are shows like MoCCA and SPX that charge a similar (and sometimes LARGER fee) when there is definitely a feeling that these shows are much more geared towards smaller press folks. It’s been a personal gripe of mine for a few years, specifically with SPX, where you go in and the place has this amazing vibe. Everyone is creative and unique and doing something that means something to THEM. There are people selling hand made comics that are printed on cardboard!

How does the cardboard guy cover his $200 table when I know that someone like myself, who has printed materials out the wazoo doesn’t feel that it’s cost effective?

I’m trying not to shun the shows themselves – I love going – and I’ll eventually bite the bullet and go to them as an exhibitor/artist, but I have to get this chip off my shoulder first.

That having been said, I’ll see you Friday. Hopefully with news about one of those above listed bullet points!