Updated the tattoo page! Promised. Succeeded. You get NUSSING! Ok, that’s not true. You get the following:
– A few more tattoo ideas to look at
– A few more prizes for the winner
– A lot more chances to enter!

As my numbers reckon, Strip #500 is on July 13th. The contest will probably roll for a few more days after that. So what I want from you guys is your A game the next few weeks. There are one or two tattoos in there that I definitely would get on myself, but I’m not saying which ones. Most of them are working with the basic same themes, but there is a lot of avenues you can run with this.

I’ll henceforth be updating the page as much as few times as once a week. So if you sent in an entry. Send in another. If you haven’t yet – now the field is wide open and everybody is looking for what I might graft on my body.

IHL is about to have a huge birthday in the next month and I want you guys celebrating with me =)

Enjoy today’s strip – it made me giggle. =)