Oh noes! The zombie storyline comes to a head with a tasteless joke. Awesome, no?

After dancing around other more light punchlines, this one really came out as the best one. It’s rare I make that kind of joke, but hey, sometimes you just have to accept it for the sake of funny.

So I just put in the big order. What’s the big order? It’s the order of all the comics I’ve since run out of. Anyone who has been waiting for a comic, it’s on it’s way. Anyone who has been wanting to order a comic, now’s the time to do it.

The IHL machine is picking up steam…. oh dotish rapture I hope it’s picking up steam.

As a note with a happy shoutout to IHL Uberfan Ignuus – I’ve noticed in recent emails too and fro from she that she’s trying to coin the internet term ‘OMD’ or ‘Oh my dot!’ and ‘Dot be praised’ and other words to insinuate God. I think we all should try and do that more often. Hell, I’ve considered more than once of producing a shirt that says ‘In Dot We Trust’. Thoughts? Ideas?

G’nite all