Morning all,

Those who saw the earlier post – I promised my update. Here’s my update.

My life has gone through some major changes these past few weeks. I’ve mentioned that before, but I want to address that due to some of these changes it sadly means that I will NOT be able to join up with my friends at Wild Pig Comics 24 Hour Sale this year. For those who know the Jersey crew, this has nothing to do with Chris’s fine establishment at all – and I look forward to creating a 24 Hour Comic in the future amongst Danielle Corsetto, David Gallaher, Bill Ellis, and this years newcomers Pete Stathis (Of Slave Labor Graphics Evenfall) and pin-up artist Erica Hess.

I don’t feel like I’m leaving my place as the loud guy in the back empty. This year has more talent packed into Chris’ store than any year previous, and I hope those in the area most definitely go check it out. I’m going to do my best to stop by and say hello at some time during the sale, but if I don’t get to see you folks there, I can’t apologize more.

Now onto other things… let’s get ready for PITTSBURGH! The next stop on the tour de force of IHL.

Til later,