Longest Post Ever. Let’s address the new IHL business first:
* SILVER BULLET COMICS’ Luis Pagan is doing a column on Marvel’s Spider-Man story Brand New Day, the first part of it asks webcomics people what they think. Guess who is there… SCOTT KUR… I mean, ME! (Scott Kurtz is there too.)

* Girls With Slingshot’s Danielle Corsetto has been nice enough to inform all the Jameson fans that her recent storyline in noway reflects me. I will state for the record that the new character ‘Bitchy Comic Girl Who Dies Every Strip’ is NOT in fact Danielle Corsetto.

* Seems that given the amount of comments I’ve recieved, I should address everyone then talk about the new website!
ARTHUR: Glad you enjoyed the party. The catfight started before I got there, but I do believe that they are good friends and wanted to put on a performance. It was a party first, but nobody was complaining.
IGNUS: Girl bum will be used in the future for IHL. I’ll figure out how to make it work… I think I have something going there (See bottom of this very post!)
GEORGIE: There were two of you girls that missed Chris. You AND Mysti both asked for more of our favorite God Cosplayer… and people say that I don’t listen to requests. Bah!
JOSHUA: It really was awesome meeting you too. Glad we could talk about old school computing and things.
LIVEVIL: I did NOT in fact have to look things up for yesterday’s strip.. Bill, of former Silver Rage fame, and I do this bit to each other quite a bit. Danielle is rarely thrilled.
RACHEL: I have NO idea how the entire room started singing Queen. I would leave the room for five minutes, come back, and a new piece of shenanigans had begun. It’s great to host a party, have weird things happen, and people remember you as the one who perpetrated them. Sometimes I’m as in the dark as the rest of you.

* Ok – now the big reveal. As you might have guessed from these responses – the party was fairly legendary, and hopefully will be recreated at conventions across the country. I make no promises, as it’s easy for me to plan for Wicked, as it’s right in my backyard. The permissions have been gotten from every girl I drew a picture on, and it’s time to utilize this power into something fun for the fans to oggle. I give to you:


A few things to note:
1 – I’m not going to be advertising the site alot, as I don’t want people to think I’m this horrible lecherous person. Everything was in the mindset of fun and goofing off. If you are offended by the idea that girls were getting scantily clad for the purpose of feeling the wrath of my sharpie.. please don’t click it. These girls have my utmost respect, and I was more honored that they wanted me to do it, than I was seething in hot geek’gasm. Mostly.

2 – THE SITE IS NSFW! Good god, there are boobies and bare butts all over the place. Don’t go there with your screen on full mode during an important meeting. IHL and it’s subsidiaries are not responsible for you losing your damn job.

3 – It’s update schedule is going to be a touch sporadic, but hopefully it will inspire some great self-inflicted fanart, but I’m going to do my best to try at least an update a week. When I run out of material, we’ll figger it out then.

So there you go – thanks again for all the participants, and I loko forward to seeing you in the flesh at other shows. Ha, see what I did there?

Next update, we’re back to adorable kitten pictures – promise.