So for those who didn’t see the update, sorry for the late post. I guess I’m allowed them occasionally. Let’s get to the bullet points of things to talk about:
1 – Since I didn’t have a strip ready for today, when my sister called me late into the night last night to watch her kids… I recognized that a strip wasn’t going up on time. She’s ok, havin a kid and went into some early labor. No stress, but no strip.

2 – During the day, I had an idea… the idea sparked today’s strip. So where I thought Baron was going to step out of the spotlight for a little while, this idea might have sparked him to stick around a little bit longer. We’ll see how it goes, but I think this strip was amusing enough to allow him at the least a one strip reprieve.

3 – Where’s the comments been! You guys have been so quiet! Has the strip been lacking? Do you not like Baron? I’m not begging for comments or anything, just wondering if it’s anything I’ve done. You should know by now that I love what I do, and will continue to do it until I get sick of it (no end in sight…), but be darned if you all haven’t been a quiet bunch lately.

4 – Oh, and as a quick aside.. I learned how to fix a broken Playstation 2 the other day. It’s amazingly simple, and makes me regret ever having bought a second one a few years back knowing that it takes about a half hour and two screwdrivers to fix it.

5 – KEEP SCROLLING! I added a new BOTTOM blog that I want your opinions on.

Have a safe week everyone,