EDIT: Sorry bout the lateness of Sunday’s strip – I was up deep into the night due to an emergency run to babysit my niece & nephew. I’m going to be an uncle sometime in the very near future… again.

Morning all,

Just wanted to throw out a quick I’m sorry. There are some of you out there who I feel I’ve neglected. I’m not naming names, but I haven’t been exceptionally active on my emails and chat room and the other ways I can be contacted. Life’s been a touch hectic, so to the couple of you that I haven’t spoken with directly to since the beginning of the year… sorry, you are not forgotten, not a single one of you. Once I get my employment life and all that put back together, I promise I’ll be more vocal.

Those who don’t contact me regularly, why not!?!? Geez…

Oh, and as a quick aside, I had planned earlier this week to do a whole strip about the fact that this week was the anniversary of the Boston / Mooninite scandal. Well, two things happened. One, I recognized I wanted to do an Internet / Baron strip before I finished up the intro of Samedi, and then this morning I read Something Positive’s post about it. The joke I would have tried to poke at this, which I already did once, was handled with a much firmer hand by Randy Mulholland and anything I would have done would have paled in comparison. So, there ya go.

Til Sunday,