The changes keep coming!

I jumped the gun on the advertising. Now, you can have Project Wonderful advertising on IHL down at the bottom, and when Wicked’s gone, it will be there too. Or maybe I’ll just move it perm up there. I don’t know. I’ll decide then.

Also, if you don’t want to come to this website, but want to know when IHL updates? That lil button on the bottom right will let you add IHL to your Livejournal or Myspace or Facebook, etc etc. Neat, eh?

Finally, I have to say that it was SO nice to let the Devilettes babble. It’s been awhile since they got to come out and play, and it was sooo much fun to write this strip. Not visually stunning, but it made me giggle writing it, and that’s a good sign that someone out there probably laughed out loud.

EDIT: Wow! The Project Wonderful attack was immense! Given this was my first run through with accepting bidders, I’m sorry if you got a ‘YES YOU ARE THERE – NO YOU ARE NOT’ .. I don’t know if that happens alot, but I quite honestly started at the people that bid first, and accepted to the people that bid last. Thank you guys for the support.

Note to my readers: The guys who have put ads in the bottom have done so to advertise themselves by supporting IHL. I’m looking forward to using that lil banner box as a place to find new friends and fun reads, hope you guys do the same. (AKA: Give them a look at, they were nice enough to give me money) (At least I’m honest.)

See you Sunday!