Hey everrrrybody.

Well I hope everybody is having a nice Christmas season so far. Dani’s already sick of Christmas music, but me.. I’m still loving it. I get all gooey about Christmas. I admittedly didn’t feel it until earlier today when I was on my way to work and it started snowing. Snow always does it for me. Just a thing. Anyway, as IHL moves into 2008, I’m getting ready to start making some new year declarations and I’m going to need your help with a couple of them.

The first one of the year is going to get me nominated for an award. I’m not even trying to be pompous or silly here. Recently, with the help of some of you, David Gallaher won the Zuda Comics contest over at DC. His comic HIGH MOON will be continued on past it’s initial run. His drive of getting people to his strip and reading it and liking it has made me realize that I need to find awards and nominations for IHL to give it a certain amount of ‘esteemed cred’.

Now a lot of these involve you throwing your name into the hat, not just being stumbled upon.. so if you happen to know any, feel free to comment or email me and lemme know. I’m already going to be vying for the Web Cartoonists Award, and when those nominations get closer I’ll be posting the links so you guys can nominate your favorite webcomic.. mine if you see fit.

For now though, it’s bedtime. And I hope you guys are enjoying the calendar. I’ve been seeing it appear around the tubes.. so I guess that you do.

EDIT – The comic should read ‘re-discovered’ heavy metal.. I’ll fix it later.  Minor continuity error on my part.  First one!  Woohoo!

Cut & Paste this:
<a href="http://www.inhislikeness.com" border="0"><img src="http://www.voicetracts.com/calendar2007.jpg"></a>