Sunday.. already!?!?

It startles me how fast I’m moving nowadays. 7 days ago i was living in the lap of convention luxury at Sugoi.. and now here I am a week later. At this rate, it will be time for my next convention in two weeks. OH! It WILL! If you live in the New York area, come hang out at the New York Anime Convention.

I have a few things that I am going to be promising MYSELF (not you people) that I will do this week. See, if I promise myself and I don’t get to it.. I don’t feel I’ve let all of you down. Updating the contest page and the convention page to reflect ALL the new entries and my trip to Sugoi. Again, if it doesn’t happen.. you can’t be upset with me.. I didn’t promise you anything.

Now, two more shameless pimperies and then to bed with me. First, Zuda Comics is running out of time on the first batch of young hopefuls. So please go check out these people trying to make their way in the comic industry. (I’m not FORCING you to vote for HIGH MOON, but definitely make sure you read it and recognize it is awesome.. then vote for what you feel is the best.)

Finally, I’m not 100% sure, but I do believe that this week is the week that COMICS NOW from APE ENTERTAINMENT comes out. If your store carries it, it has a special In His Likeness comic. If your store DOESN’T carry it, you should tell them that they should.

Ok, a long Sunday post.. strange. Time for bed.