I’m back from SugoiCon!

I have lots of things to say about it. All positive. If anybody out there lives in the area and you are hemming and hawing about whether or not you should go to it. It’s worth it. Now, I’m not an old convention vet yet… yet… but the air of friendliness and constant attention to making sure the fans are happy was crazy. Not even talking about how they treated their guests, which was exceptional, it was nice to see a con where the faces of the show itself were well known to many of the fans that were there… just exceptional.

I could sit here and babble on incessantly about how much I loved the show, and I’m sure I will gush more over the next week or so.. but I have to throw out a list of links for those who care.
The Devil’s Panties – Because if I could do every convention standing next to Jennie Breedon all day. I would.
Christopher Ayres – Voice Actor of many many things. Sometimes you just meet someone and you hit it off. From minute 5 of hanging out with him, I realized we would be fast friends… the man’s a class act from top to bottom and I look forward to seeing him again.
Venis Productions – Home of Realms of Ishikaze and it’s writer Dan Hess. His art style is the cutest thing eh-eh-eh-evar. I’m in frigging love with it… totally worth the checkout for sheer geekdom.
Paradigm Shift is a webcomic about werewolves and cops in Chicago. It’s done in a page style, and Dirk (the writer) is always awesome to see at cons. Check out his magnum opus. It’s fantastic.
Templar, AZ struck me immediately by it’s look and style.. I admittedly haven’t read it yet, but I have the first book sitting on my nightstand. Oh, and Spike is in the Webcomics Idol. So go check it out and vote for her.

Ok. That’s enough pimpage tonight. More on Friday… next stop.. NEW YAWK.