Remember how I told you that once I’m dedicated to a storyline, it’s so frustrating because I want you guys to see the ending?

I think this time it’s moreso because I know I’m going to be hitting that 400 mark soon. There is a certain glee I get from hitting big round numbers. Especially when it’s a 100 mark. It is silly and whorish of myself, but it means ‘I’ve finished another Trade’. So that means that you should be seeing Book 2 by next year’s con season.. that’s the hope anyway.

It also means that not only have I made this simple premise go that much longer, but I still have fun stories to tell.  (At least I think i do..)   I was interviewed at.. Otakon? Yeah, I think it was Otakon, by the Otaku Life podcast. When the gentleman conducting the interview asked whether I got over ‘the hump’… I was confused. I had no idea what ‘the hump’ was. It seems that the average hump for a webcomic is actually somewhere around 150. You can come up with a concept… you can give it steam… you can push it forward… but somewhere around strip 150, people start to get fidgety. I don’t know why, nor will I claim to.

So when he found out I was on, at that time, strip 350 or so – he seemed kinda shocked. People with legit art skills have a problem propelling themselves past 150, and I’m well passed doubling it, and sometime next year I will pass tripling it and be heading for half of a thousand before years end.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but I have to say that for doing a comic about a bunch of talking dots. That’s pretty fucking cool. And even if my dreams of finding financial security in doing comics comes to fruition with something other than the gods & their mischief – I don’t see stopping this at all.

Note – I think I’m going to cap the Bridal Party at 50 people. I’m well over halfway there, so please get your photos in. If I can come up with a way to fit more of you, I’ll let you know.

Wow.. a long Sunday rant.. I was feeling verbose I guess. G’night – J