One of the problems that I knew I would face with IHLU versus IHL was that I would need to have new characters ready. That’s cool when it is a character that I know is going to get a lot of use. When it is a regular member of a pantheon.. I spend a fairly decent time making sure I like it. Zeus took me a while, even though he is so obvious. Hera even longer, because she isn’t that obvious (and took me a bit before I decided on a peacock motif) — so when I was going through the Zeus story, and I realized that I was going to have to put in a couple of his lesser known wives.. I was a bit.. ugh about it. Metis, as shown here, is the goddess of Wisdom and Crafts.

She’s basically a home-ec Goddess.. for a character that gets one or two panels in the comic – it shouldn’t take me as long as she did. She ended up looking somewhere between Velma and Bree, the adorable creator of Sex Drugs & June Cleaver. Either way, I love my time with her.

That having been said – next weekend – are you going to be at Wicked Faire – Because I will be. Not doing IHL stuff.. but I will be running two MST3ks, performing with my wife in the White Elephant Burlesque show.. and partying… a lot.