It’s been a week… and not the greatest one in my life.

The short version is that mine and my wife’s kitty, Akuma, is dreadfully sick. Between emergency vet visits and long drives to the only local ultrasound machine for a kitty, the news just hasn’t gotten better. So, I’m a bit disconnected from all of my entertainment. The comic, the podcast, and the crowdfunding have all sort of taken a backseat to this family issue.

So – that having been said, IHL has always been the anchor to my life, and it will continue to be so – so thank you all for being here for me. You read the comic in passive ways. A few of you have become real life friends, or even real life online friends, but most of you I’ve never spoken to, let alone met – but every one of you is important to me.. so thank you for being here.

I will try not to harp on the kitty thing in the blog, no reason to depress you all when all you want is some mythological yukyuks… if you want to hear all about her, find me on Facebook – which is basically where I talk nonstop about EVERYTHING.