Wow – what an annoying strip to get up. For those who didn’t see the earlier post – I had some problems with getting the strip up today.

That’s done with now – and WE DID IT AGAIN! Another 100 in the bag. I probably shouldn’t count in 100s at this point. I know where the strip and the story is going in the long term, and whereas I have some questions about what happens after strip #1000… well, there are some middle pieces I don’t know too. Storylines are considered, punchlines kinda just happen.

So I promised a longer post, so here it is. As with every 100 strips, I found that there is stuff in here that I love, and stuff in here that I’m not sure I love. Some of the stuff I haven’t been sure about in the past has come to reread much better than I remember. God’s journey to Hell in the 400s felt to me like it went on FOREVER.. but now in hindsight, it makes a REALLY solid read.

I’m sure I’ll look back at the aliens storyline the same way. I felt it might have run on too long, but the CLONE SAGA I think went perfectly now. These things come and go as I reread comics years later.

With the next hundred strips – which will be finishing up sometime in February/March of 2011.. you will be seeing some big stuff. I kinda get to tell a huge story that I feel good about how I’ve gotten to. I hope you guys enjoy.

The last month or two I have been SO distracted with break ups and reunitings and engagements and a new burlesque project that I haven’t given much love to the comic site itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the advertising and certain aspects of the layout get a MAJOR overhaul come the fall. With that is going to come a new contest and a brand new way to get readers to the site. I’ve had this idea of putting together a lil private section of the site that shows ideas and screenshots and icons and desktops, etc. Its where the term DOTSCIPLE even came from.

So thank you all once again for being here from 701 – 800, and please, feedback me with what you think. For the many of you that HAVE contacted me in the past, you know how accessible I am – hell, many of you are now amongst people I consider friends.

Love you all,